formed since 2008

Brideburger is a shoegaze/post rock/drone musician Lead by Matt Catling from Ipswich, Suffolk UK with load of psychedelic drone noise formed In 2008 With releases such as Experimental works (CD-R), Bride insurgent (w) buttercup Insurgent On Amnion records, A&E (E.P net release) on Amnion In the UK and Abandonment Label in Bulgaria in 2010 and The full Length album Soundcapes (net release and CD-R release in march 2011) later in the year brideburger released another E.P Called A beautiful Mind on Amnion Records and A C20 psychedelic noise Split release With Good friends Grief athletes from Cambridge, however the project itself has been tag as Shoegaze because on under the influence of my bloody valentine, spacemen 3, LOOP, Galaxie 500, the Jesus and Mary chain, (Krautrock) CAN, Neu!, Faust and (Noise Rock) sonic youth, Big Black and Throbbing Gristle.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Reviews from 2011-12

“One man symphonic noise rock band. The best My Bloody Valentine record you never heard” The Waxing Captors

“Ipswich. Brideburger. Noise, drone, good guitars, little dreamy, little doomy. Shoegaze ” perditionnotes: - Warm beer, Cold women

“Ipswich-based Brideburger – the nom-de-guerre of self-described “psychedelic drone noise”-monger Matt Catling – is by no means the first musician to have followed in Metal Machine Music’s footsteps” Seymour Quigley - B-Side music magazine

“Psychedelic fuzzy drone noise feedback” Getonthe SoapBox

“One-man scratchy shoegazing with assorted electronic interventions adding up to some bleakly harsh sounds” Crushing Death & Grief
“Exceptional ” Graeme Mac - BBC Suffolk introducing

“A wonderful noise” BBC Suffolk introducing

“Next up were the solo stylings of Ipswich’s Brideburger. Playing with a plethora of peddles and controls, the first section of music was a guitar-led wall of noise and feedback. Continually building and re-working, the sound swelled like the cacophonous roar of ocean waves, undulating slowly until feedback and sheer volume took control. This then segued into the second movement, as the guitar notes reverberated through loops and a box of tricks (a converted VHS video box with controls). A mess of sounds and drones were picked apart but then slowly pieced back together again through the manipulation of their basic waves.” The Liminal

“Brideburger aka Matt Catling, an experimental musician from Ipswich, UK, create with “A&E” a very interesting al- bum. Atmospheric pop songs, rock and shoegaze change in the middle of the album into a harsh noise attack to end up finally in ambient sounds. This amazing work is available for free download at Abandonment. Brideburger plays guitar sounds for fans of Flying Saucer Attack or Labradford .” MaCu - kulturterrorismus

“Brideburger aka Matt Catling presents after the “A&E” EP with “Soundcapes” a great varied debut album, which is available for free download on the bulgarian label Abandonment. Starting with distorted guitar li- nes soon the music drifts into smooth ambient sound -scapes to turn very fast to hypnotic guitar sounds, hauntingly spoken words and noise. A must have for consumers who like the works of Sonic Youth or E.A.R.” MaCu - kulturterrorismus

Friday, 27 April 2012

Intro (antalex remix)

This is The first ever brideburger remix has been uploaded on soundcloud go and have listen

Monday, 2 April 2012

The new album will be out in late may

The new mini album kalidoscope will be arriving on 21st may, just four day day before drum eyes gig, it'll be £2 to buy on CD-R or listen on bandcamp.
A beautuful mini albim by brideburger brings the shoegaze element on to a new level with moog electronic parts, more reverb, more Loops, and feedback to make the lo-fi wall of sound

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

recording a new E.P coming in june

Due to the sucess of the second album too many people know each Brideburger decided to realease a New E.P called kaleidoscope will be out in june of 2012, with elements of shoegaze, drone, post rock, space rock and noise.
More details soon

Monday, 12 March 2012

live dates coming up thing spring

tbc – stowmarket, john peel centre – w/ Ypsmael, and more

08/04/2012 – ipswich, royal oak – extreme music alldayer w/ Ypsmael, chestburster, doomsday apocalypse special, fallen humanity, leeres hirn, meadows, meatwave, no fun, sean derrick cooper marquardt, skat injector, talking sleeve, tonesucker, and more

12/04/2012 - Bury St edmunds, The LP -washing machine night w/ Vinyl Jacket and with the Waxing Captors.

10/05/2012- Ipswich, The blue room TBA

25/05/2012 - colchester, the art centre w/Drum eyes, Dingus Khan, Meadows and the Nearly

200'000 gazes: vol 2

Ipswich very own shoegaze noise artist brideburger alongside witht the phanton lights, microdance, is on the 200'000 gazes: vol 2 thank you to houston's own whenthesunhits to download on bandcamp.
1. Sway. Mary Blair Murals.
2. Endian. Fuckin.
3. Dodecahadron. Blue.,m
4. Jesper Lundager. I Could Fall in Love Again...
5. unknown. BlackWoodElsa.
6. Elemental Gaze. God Knows Why This Should be Kept for All Time.
7. The Phantom Light. Echoes of Ghosts.
8. thisquietarmy. Gone to the Unseen (Radio Edit).
9. Starblood. Red Hills Gate.
10. Of Silence and Sound. Alone.
11. Mirror Mirror. Edge of Heaven.
12. Stellarium. Down.
13. I, Noiseferatu. In the City.
14. Ludwyg. Scream.
15. The Underground Youth. Strangle Up My Mind.
16. Brideburger. Victims and Relatives in Japan.
17. Quiet Lights. Ablaze.
18. Starfire Connective Sound. Drive the Breeze.
19. HCMJ. Wanderer.
20. Music for Headphones. K.
21. The Microdance. We Are Made of Evil Things.
22. Transmission. Orange.
23. Depth and Current. Lost.